International Advertising Campaign

For my international advertising class, we created a campaign to raise tourism to Moscow among Russians and the French. Our key insight identified that each audience was primarily interested in making memories on vacations. Russians travel to deepen self-identification and national identity, while French travel to make memories with family. Thus, our campaign reflects both the intrapersonal, and interpersonal desires in travel for each audience. 

GID Group Social Campaign

My advertising and healthcare campaigns class worked with GID Group, a regenerative cell therapy company replacing the need for knee replacements. My task was to create the social media campaign about the type of medicine. Our outreach strategy seeks to educate target audiences through a series of social strategies that engage using ambassadors, scientists and relevant information.

Social Media Campaign

This presentation is a launch campaign for Adidas + American Heart Association's partnership with Misty Copeland. Social strategies raise awareness and interest in the partnership to ultimately drive sales for the shoe. The launch includes a social media competition to raise attendance at the launch event, partnerships with influencers to disseminate healthy lifestyle tips, doctors giving interviews on the best ways to stay healthy, and a Snapchat takeover to encourage interaction among the target audience.