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Research On Fundraising Events with Millennials and Gen X

My research methods class worked on behalf of ALSAC, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital fundraising arm, to determine fundraising preferences of Gen X and millennials. Results were used to inform a new fundraising event geared towards young professionals. My team's presentation won runner-up during final pitches to the client. 

We crowdfunded a class survey on Qualtrics and my team also conducted social media analysis of St. Jude on Google and Crimson Hexagon. 

Our findings showed that cause connection is the top reason people give to charities and go to their events. Additionally, St. Jude is nationally recognized for having a great cause connection and purpose behind their organization. 

These insights prompted us to recommend strengthening cause connection in communications and at events in order to draw more participation from the target audience, and make them feel more comfortable donating at events.

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