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News Releases

News releases and media kits written for work and courses 


News Articles

Opinion articles written during my time as the Opinion Editor at the DePaulia, DePaul's award winning student newspaper 

Tablet User

Social Media

I have led content creation and strategy on numerous social media accounts, each time raising following and engagement anywhere between 7% to 15% in three months 

Education Books Bookshelfs

Academic Writing

My writing capabilities span from professional, theoretical and research-based content. I have developed crisis responses, key talking points, and conference papers presented at DePaul University annual symposiums


Travel Polaroids

Media Placements

I conduct media relations and influencer outreach, earning placements with an average UMV of 50k for influencers and 80k for traditional media. I earned clients an average of 2 million impressions a month 

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